Immigration and Refugee Law

We provide representation with regards to:

Check Mark Bullet Applications for Permanent Residents:

  • Skilled Workers matters
  • Family Class and Spouse in Canada Sponsorship matters

Check Mark BulletApplications for Entry in Circumstances of Inadmissibility

  • medical inadmissibility,
  • criminal inadmissibility; and
  • other forms of inadmssibility.

Check Mark Bullet Applications based on Humanitarian and Compassionate/Discretionary Grounds

  • Assessment of the prospects of success in the acquisition of humanitarian and compassionate relief or discretionary determinations (i.e. Positive Discretion /Substituted Opinion) and Ministers Permits / Temporary Resident Permits.

Check Mark BulletApplications for Appellate or Judicial Review

  • Immigration and Refugee Board Appeals or Applications for Judicial Review
  • Advising clients or prospective clients as to the assessment of their prospects for success, including: Immigration and Refugee Board matters, and Federal Court of Canada matters.
  • Perfecting the Application for Leave and for Judicial Review in the Federal Court,
  • Appearing before the Federal Court or provincial Superior Court on any Immigration matter
  • Appearing before the Immigration Appeal Division on an appeal

Check Mark BulletApplications for Maintaining or Reinstating Permanent Resident Status and
     Canadian Citizenship

  • Maintaining or reinstating Permanent Resident Status or obtaining Canadian citizenship
  • Providing strategic advice to clients or prospective clients as to the assessment of their prospects for maintaining their permanent resident status or obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Check Mark BulletDanger Opinions, Inquiries, Stay of Removal and Detention Reviews

  • Possible opinion by the Minister that an individual constitutes a danger to the public in Canada
  • Deportation and removal
  • Misrepresentation
  • Breach of terms and conditions of entry or landing, and/or loss of status;
  • Applications in the Federal Court for a stay of removal; and/or detention reviews

Check Mark Bullet Applications for Protected Status

  • Eligibility matters
  • Refugee matters
  • Rejected Refugee Claimants
  • Preparation and filing of Personal Information Forms
  • Appearances at Refugee Hearings before the Immigration and Refugee Board

Check Mark BulletApplications for Judicial Review

  • Applications for Leave and Judicial Review
  • Opinions on the merits of further proceedings
  • Perfecting the Application for Leave and Judicial Review in the Federal Court

Check Mark BulletApplications Pursuant to PRRA or PDRCC

  • Advising clients or prospective clients on post refugee reviews either under PDRCC or PRRA
  • Processing such applications

Check Mark BulletDetention and Release

  • Detention and Release matters of persons seeking Refugee Protection and their prospect of success.
  • Attendance at hearings before the Immigration Division in respect to these matters

Check Mark BulletExtraordinary Remedies and Humanitarian & Compassionate Relief

  • Stays of Deportation or Removal
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate applications
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