Family Law

We provide representation with regards to:

Check Mark BulletCustody, Access and Wardship

  • opinions from mental health professionals
  • child legal representation
  • sole custody or wardship
  • joint custody
  • alternate custody arrangements
  • mobility
  • mental/physical abuse of a party or child
  • parenting abilities
  • non-removal orders
  • withholding, apprehension or abduction of a child
  • access and frequency
  • request for no access
  • parenting dispute 

Check Mark BulletChild Support

  • child support guidelines
  • split custody
  • shared custody
  • entitlement
  • over $150,000
  • support against spouse who stands in place of parent or impact of second income
  • s.7 expenses
  • undue hardship
  • financial disclosure
  • determination of incomes
  • imputing of income
  • child support provisions in domestic contract including variation and setting
  • aside
  • definition of parent

Check Mark BulletSpousal Support

  • opinions from experts regarding financial issues
  • entitlement
  • lump sum awards
  • periodic awards including limited and long term awards
  • limitation period
  • need and ability to pay
  • determination of income
  • financial disclosure
  • imputing of income
  • spousal support provisions in domestic contract, including variation and setting
  • aside taxation
  • statutory support objectives 

Check Mark BulletProperty

  • opinions from experts regarding property or other financial issues
  • valuation and appraisal of assets, including pensions, businesses, stock options, and real property
  • trusts , e.g. resulting trust, constructive trust, unjust enrichment
  • limitation period
  • preservation of property vesting, receivership
  • non-dissipation
  • exclusive possession of matrimonial home
  • unequal division of property
  • property division between common law couples
  • excluded property
  • determination of ownership and beneficial interest in business and other assets
  • determination of liabilities
  • certificate of pending litigation
  • property provisions in domestic contract including setting aside taxation
  • quantification of net family property and equalization payment

Check Mark BulletCohabitation, Marriage and Divorce

  • jjurisdiction
  • grounds for divorce
  • severance
  • entitlement to marry
  • the terms of a cohabitation agreement including drafting a cohabitation agreement
  • the terms of a marriage contract including drafting a marriage contract

Check Mark BulletChild Protection Law

  • Defending Child Protection Applications involving the Childrens Aid Society
  • Status Reviews
  • Temporary Care and Custody (Show Cause) hearings
  • 2011- Award of Leadership and Education for Distinguished Service in the Jane and Finch Community from the Barbadian Canadian Friendship Association
  • 2011 - Award of Appreciation from Chairman of Board of Directors of Legal Aid in recognition of my years of service as an area committee member for Legal Aid Ontario
  • 2010 Raising the Bar Award of Excellence from Black Law Students’ Association, Osgoode Hall Law School
  • 2008 Harry Jerome Award for Excellence in Community Service
  • 2008 Dianne Martin Medal for Social Justice Through Law
  • 2007 Law Society Lincoln Alexander Award
  • 2006 CABL Award of Excellence for Advancement of the Profession
  • 2005 - Present Lawyer Member on Consent and Capacity Board
  • 2004 - 2007 Advisor to Chief Justice Roy McMurtry on Mayor David Miller’s Committee on Community Safety
  • 2003 Pro Bono Law Ontario Award for Community Service